Family Fun Inflatables

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get it to our party?
We deliver the inflatable, set it up and take it down. You do no physical work at all.

Do we require a deposit?
We don't ask for a deposit for backyard parties because we don't know what kind of weather Mother Nature will provide us for that day and you will need the extra money for your back-up plan. We require 50% down to confirm for all public events, if cancellation of your event is due to weather conditions you may re-schedule within that calendar year.

Methods of payment?
We accept cash, credit or cheque. Exact change would be greatly appreciated. Additional 5% required for credit payments. Contact us by phone or email for pricing.

What if it rains on the day of the party?
We are forced to cancel the event. We do not operate in the rain. The bouncers will become very slippery and the electric blowers can not get wet. We suggest booking a raindate or having a back-up to set-up indoors.

Do we have insurance?
Yes we have the liability insurance that is required. You will be required to read and sign a contract assuming full responsibility of the rented inflatable and the children in attendance.

Where can they be set up?
We require a flat, dry surface and 20 foot overhead space. We require a ground fault receptacle if possible, if not we have our own ground fault receptacle that we will plug in with our extension cords that we supply.

Where & when can they be set-up?
We cannot set the inflatables up in moist weather conditions due to the electric blower that is required. We won't set them up near swimming pools, steep inclines, fences, rosebushes, high winds or near the dogs' bathroom.

How do they stay inflated?
These are not inflated like a balloon; they require an electric blower to provide continuous air flow to keep them inflated. The blower does not use any more electricity then your furnace would in a day.

Are they safe?
Our bouncers have inflatable and netted walls and an inflated landing pad or step down on the front for exiting the bouncer. Children may bump into each other while inside causing bumps and bruises, rough housing is discouraged. Safe play and constant supervision is always required at all times to prevent injuries as our rental agreement states.

When planning a public event, what do I need to know?

When planning your next public event please remember this to ensure your protect yourself and your guests by hiring a TSSA certified company with licensed units. In Ontario, did you know that inflatables are governed by Technical Standards and Safety Authority (aka: TSSA)? Any inflatable used at a public event must be licensed and set up by a TSSA trained mechanic that is employed with a TSSA certified company.

Yes it seems complicated but not to worry because Family Fun Inflatables is a fully licensed and certified company with certified TSSA mechanics on staff. We also carry all required liability insurance for any type of event. A public event is any event held by the city, or a festival, church, school, corporate or company events or any private party that is held at a public venue or having more than 100 guests.

Are you getting the best “bang for your buck?”

We only carry commercial grade industrial strength inflatables. We pride ourselves in the best quality and pristine cleanliness to always ensure our customers are getting the best quality and safest product for your little bouncers.